Ultimate Treatment Menu

You don’t have to leave home or your incredible holiday accommodation to enjoy a Day Spa experience, not when hands-on MOBILE THERAPIES can come to you!

We have compiled all the ‘best bits’ in our Ultimate Treatment Menu. 

If you’re thinking of getting someone special a gift, these packages are a great choice!

Of course if you would like to assemble your own unique package, we can do that too. Almost anything is possible when it comes to creating the perfect relaxation experience, including the addition of products from our carefully selected range.

Ultimate Treatment Menu

Instant Calm

For those who are time poor, this package is the quickest route to feeling calm and relaxed! Instant calm will be yours by combining a quick fix but highly effective facial, hands-on body exfoliation and a back, neck and shoulder massage.

Whilst it may be a quickie, we promise it will still leave you feeling more than satisfied!

Allow 90-mins for this treatment – $160.00   

Comfort Zone

Create harmony and balance in your life by entering the comfort zone. Enjoy a one-hour OrganicSpa facial, suited to your skin type and then add your choice of either a one-hour remedial or aromatherapy massage.

It’s a small part of your day that will leave you feeling like your favourite pair of jim jams “Comfy”.

Allow 2-hours this treatment – $195.00

Turn Back Time

Tell the the visible signs of ageing to go away, by boosting the vitality and appearance of your skin. This package includes the Organicspa hydra herbal body indulgence treatment that actively promotes healthier skin, making it visibly softer, smoother and more youthful looking.

To complete the turning back of time you will receive the OrganicSpa Age Vita-Renewal Specialty Facial that has been designed with one thing in mind – RESULTS!

This facial gives you an antioxidant boost,radiating your skin and aiding in slowing down the ageing process.

Allow 2-hours and 45-minutes – $275.00

The Journey

This is the ultimate package that will leave you feeling as though you have been immersed in the day spa, without having left the privacy and comfort of your home.

Your journey begins with a thorough body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities, preparing your skin to receive nutrients. Next, custom blended ultra fine body oil is gently massaged over your skin, delivering intensive moisture which helps combat dryness, after which a nourishing masque is applied to your body to seal in moisture and improve your skin’s softness.

While you relax, you will drift away with an aromatherapy scalp massage whilst being cocooned in a body wrap and then, just as you thought this was the limit of your indulgence, lie back and melt into your 90- minute massage.

This much indulgence is destined to increase your appetite, so we will re-fuel your body with a light gourmet lunch (prepared by one of our outstanding local venues) and champagne or wine if you choose.

After nourishing your body, we will continue the Journey with an OrganicSpa Multi-Detox Clay specialty facial, designed to purify, calm, detoxify and promote cell renewal and smooth away fine lines by restoring lost moisture.

And whilst all good things must eventually come to an end, The Journey will leave you feeling nurtured, refreshed, relaxed and uplifted; ready to take on the world… or climb into your bed.

This is one trip where it’s about the destination as much as it is the journey!

Allow 4.5-hours – $435.00  

Peel Me Please

This is a course of 6-weekly treatments, each lasting 45-minutes.

The OrganicSpa rejuvenate peel, combines natural alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes from fruit and certified organic botanical sources. This advanced combination of ingredients will help to penetrate the upper layers of the skin, cleansing pores and improving your skins texture as well as toning and assisting with your skins elasticity.

After just one treatment your skin will be calmer, smoother, hydrated and refreshed.

Allow 45-minutes a week for 6-weeks for this treatment – $650.00 (for the 6 week package)

Packages for Expectant and New Mums!

Blissful Belly

This special package of treatments are given in a relaxed, unhurried manner, accommodating for the needs of an expectant mum.

This is the ultimate treat for ‘Mothers-to-be’ because it’s especially customised for each individual. This treatment focuses on your areas of concern, whether it’s stretch marks, sore feet, pigmentation or tension through your back.

The treatment includes a body exfoliation, pregnancy massage and a facial to keep you feeling and looking your very best during each stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

You might be an expectant mum; but no one expects you to get through without a little luxury and some TLC!

Allow 2.5-hours – $260.00

Blissful Beginnings

This package is an instant stress relief for any new mum.

Pregnancy and childbirth undeniably takes its toll on our mind and body. While it’s an amazing time in our life and one that is never forgotten, it does often mean that you have to go-without the opportunity to de-stress both physically and psychologically which is why this package is destined to help you recover and re-charge.

Enjoy a 75-minute post-natal massage and a hands-on “facial experience”.

Allow 2 (and a bit) hours and have someone take bub to visit the relatives for this treatment.

The Blissful Beginnings package is $220.00

Don’t forget, you can call me to discuss a customised package or to ask me any questions my number is 0403 537 165.