Facial and Body Treatment Menu

Listed below is information on each facial and body treatment listed in the menu. If you would like to combine one of these with another type of treatment, let us know and we can tailor an appointment to better suit your needs.

Before your treatment

We will arrive about 15-minutes before your appointment to set-up and have you complete a client questionnaire. After that, it’s nothing but bliss!


OrganicSpa Age Vita Renewal Vitamin C Facial

This facial has been designed with one thing in mind – RESULTS! Not only does it give you an antioxidant boost but it will give your skin radiance and aid in slowing down the ageing process. You will experience a comprehensive skin diagnosis and then have a highly concentrated vitamin C and Green Tea mask applied to soothe, cleanse and exfoliate your face, neck and décolletage.

While this mask is restoring radiance to your skin, enjoy an indulgent hand and arm massage, enhancing your relaxation!

Once the mask has been removed you will experience a lymphatic and pressure point massage to encourage clarity and radiance and to complete your treatment I will apply the finishing products which includes an eye treatment, serum and finishing day/night cream to restore your youthful glow.

This facial is best suited to dry and mature skins types, last’s for 60-minutes and is only $120.00.

OrganicSpa Multi-Detox Clay Specialty Facial

This facial is designed to purify, calm, detoxify and promote cell renewal and smooth away fine lines by restoring lost moisture. You will experience a comprehensive skin diagnosis and then have an intensive clay mask applied to cleanse and exfoliate.

While the mask is at work, you are treated to a hand and arm massage with luxurious massage oils. Once the mask has been removed you will experience a lymphatic and pressure point massage to encourage skin detoxification and clarity and to complete this treatment I will apply the appropriate serum, eye treatment and finishing day/night cream to ensure your skin is left visibly brighter.

This facial is best suited to normal/ combination and oily skin types, last’s for 60-minutes and is only $120.00.

OrganicSpa AHA Rejuvenate Peel

This peel combines natural alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes from fruit and certified organic botanical sources. The advanced combination of ingredients will help to penetrate the upper layers of the skin, cleansing pores and improving skins texture as well as toning and assisting with the skins elasticity.

After just one treatment your skin will be calmer, smoother, hydrated and  more refreshed, however a course of treatments is highly recommended.

This peel is to most skins types, last’s for 45-minutes and is only $105.00.

OrganicSpa Quick Fix Facial

Our quick fix facial is just that….. A treatment for those on the run, but whose skin needs a quick pick-me-up and a little pampering!

It may be a quick fix, but quality and service is not left out. We will diagnose your skin, cleanse and exfoliate with a mask and apply finishing products such as Serums and Eye Balm. There is only one problem with this facial….it will leave you wishing you had stayed for more!

This facial is suited to all skin types, last’s for 30-minutes and is only $65.00 when booked in conjunction with any other service or if booking two Quick Fix Facials back to back. 

Body Treatments

White sands body exfoliation

Using a bounty of natural ingredients including coconut essence and pineapple extract we cleanse, polish and protect your skin, leaving you will a feeling of exuberance. Pineapple extracts gently buff away dull skin cells, unclogging pores to rejuvenate your skin. Then we lavish you with a blend of fresh coconut milk and exotic nut oils to rapidly hydrate your skin. The feeling of calm and nourishment will stay with you all day.

This treatment is suited to all skin types.

60-minutes $120.00

Organicspa hydra herbal body indulgence

Hydrate, replenish and brighten your skin with an infused mix of calendula flowers, vitamin C, rosehip oil and aloe vera. Your treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and encourage lymphatic flow. We then apply a body mask and whilst cocooned we spoil you with a relaxing head and foot massage.

Just when you think it’s over, we use aromatic hot towels to refresh your skin and then end with the application of luxurious body butter, leaving you feeling renewed and loved.

This treatment is suited to all skin types.

75-minutes $140.00

Paradise body repair 

Your ritual begins with a deep pore-cleansing exfoliation using coconut cream scrub, followed by a relaxing wrap and scalp treatment with coconut oil. Then we paint you with coconut body butter to promote hydration and to nourish and repair damage to the deepest layers of your skin.

This treatment is suited to all skin types.

80-minutes $150.00

Beach rescue wrap

Summer and salt water dries our skin, so we all need a little rescuing from time to time. Using a blend of aromatic herbs and extracts from the sacred dilo tree, we re-hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe your body and soul with this rescue body treatment.

Ideal for dehydrated, sun burnt, sensitive and irritated skin as it leaves you replenished and revived. While this body treatment treats your skin, we treat you to an indulgent hand or foot massage.

This treatment is suited to all skin types.

60-minutes $135.00

Sea breeze scalp ritual 

Applying an aromatic blend of warm oils we leave you no choice but to melt into this heavenly scalp, head, face, neck and shoulder massage. This mind melting treatment is a mixture of firm scalp and slow lymphatic massage. It is simply divine.

This treatment is suited to all skin types.

60-minutes $70.00 (this treatment is only available when booked in conjunction with a massage or one of the body treatments listed above)

Please call us on 0403 537 165 to chat about the best treatment to suit your needs or make a booking request here.