Choosing someone to provide such special services can be difficult and we understand that you might have questions about how to get the most out of a mobile massage or treatment.

To help with your questions we have compiled a list of FAQs. Naturally if you have any other questions, we would love to hear from you.

Frequently asked questions and tips for a great treatment

Once you experience a treatment at home it’s hard to contemplate ever leaving the house for one again. However, to optimise the benefits of a massage, facial or body treatment we suggest that you take a few minutes to prepare the massage space (and you).

The significance of the following answers to commonly asked questions and our suggestions will depend upon your own personal circumstances, environment and your expectations. Even if your intention is solely to experience the benefits of remedial massage or treatment our belief is that optimum results are achieved through a combination of remedial work and relaxation. For example with massage, without some relaxation within the massage, the physiological benefits upon the body will be reduced.

Do I need to provide anything for a massage in my home?

All you need to have is a comfortable space for us to set up a treatment table and provide your treatment without bumping into furniture (or you). The space should also be quiet, well ventilated and private. You may even like to draw the curtains, dim the lighting and light a candle or two, so you have the most relaxing atmosphere possible.

How can I best prepare for my massage or treatment?

Try and begin the relaxation process prior to your massage or treatment. If you’re running around beforehand then it will take you longer to wind-down once you’re on the table. Having a shower or bath before your massage is also wonderful idea, as it will start to relax you and the oils that we use will work wonderfully on your skin.

We also suggest  that you turn off your mobile phone and if possible even your home phone to avoid distractions and allow you to maximise your treatment time.

Your body can cool down significantly during a massage, so in Winter in particular ensure the space is warm and cosy. We will bring blankets, but a warm comfortable space will enhance your experience even more.

How far in advance of my booking will you come to my home?

For your first appointment we will arrive 15-minutes before the treatment time. This will allow us to set up and for you to read over and complete our client questionnaire. The questionnaire is important because it covers important things such as current or past injuries that contra-indicate treatment and areas that you would like us to focus on.

Why do I need to complete a client questionnaire?

It’s important that I know any previous or current injuries that may contra-indicate treatment. We want your massage or treatment to be healing and helpful, not to aggravate any existing injuries or skin conditions. The questionnaire also provides information about your lifestyle, so we can best match the treatment to you. The information is kept private.

Do you accept payment by Credit Card or Eftpos?

Yes, we have mobile credit card and EFTPOS facilities.

I have pets, is that okay?

Whilst we love pets, we ask that any dogs and cats be kept outside or away from the massage space so we can eliminate any distractions. The gold fish can stay though!

What information should I give you when making a booking?

When you call to make a booking, it would be appreciated if you could let us know about the following:

Parking: Can we park in your driveway or is there visitor parking? If you are staying in a hotel, there may be additional parking cost’s.

Access: Are there flights of stairs to navigate? Is your house hard to find?

What else can I do to get the best out of my treatment?

  • Get the kids out of the house! It’s a perfect time for dad or grandma/ grandpa to take them to the park and enjoy some play time.
  • At the end of the treatment, take your time getting off the table. Lie still for a minute or two , come back from that magical place slowly and put on your comfy clothes or bath robe and slippers that you prepared earlier.
  • If you have a favourite CD that you like to listen to during a massage, keep it out and play it. After all it’s your time to relax!