Corporate Massage

If you’re looking for the perfect team motivator that doesn’t take everyone out of the office, then Corporate Massage is a great idea!

Whether your team members are desk bound, pumping out the sales or on their feet all day and doing their best to satisfy your customers needs, a workplace massage can be a solution to getting them reinvigorated and motivated.

Corporate Massage doesn’t overly intrude into your workplace, so it’s business as usual with ‘time out’ for each team member as they enjoy either a 15-minute or 30-minute session with one of our therapists.

How does it work?

Your staff are fully clothed and seated either at their own work station or at a nominated desk or office, which is generally the preferred option of our clients as it gets their team up and about and away from the stress of their immediate work station.

hands – on provides the necessary equipment for desk based treatments and our therapist(s) will arrive shortly before the nominated start time to set up.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

There are numerous benefits to corporate massage such as relieving tension after being ‘desk bound’ for long periods and reinvigorating and energising staff. Team members generally feel more valued and as a result their commitment and loyalty is likely to increase. Some staff may not get the opportunity to enjoy a massage, whether they are too busy with the kids or generally time poor, so this unique reward can make a big difference.

Most of our clients schedule workplace massage every quarter as a regular team reward.

Our reward

As a way of helping you to reward your team, hands – on also offers your team members 15% off a 60-minute + treatment or skincare products booked or purchased within 5-days of your corporate massage booking.

Additionally, for every 4 Corporate Massage sessions you book, we will provide you with a Treatment and Product gift pack (valued at $150.00), to use as you wish (clients often use these as additional incentives or for office prizes etc.).

Corporate Massage Package

Your appointments are time based with an option of 15-minute or 30-minute desk based treatments. hands – on brings the necessary equipment to provide a comfortable and effective massage.

The minimum booking duration is 2.5 – hours, which allows for an average of eight 15-minute treatments or four 30-minute treatments. After which the booking can continue in 30-minute increments. You do not pay for therapist travel or set up time.

Fees: $260.00 (for min. 2.5 hours) after which $50.00 per 30-minutes or part thereof.

Clients wishing to book multiple Corporate Massage sessions or longer periods are welcome to enquire about out loyalty rates.